Who we are

Halo History

We’re fed a lot of crap...

…not only unhealthy ingredients, but a lot of products falsely talking up their health benefits. These days it seems it’s easier to twist the truth than keep it real.

From the day we started, we promised ourselves there’d be no BS. Not to make outrageous claims. We aimed to go for better wherever we could. That means going to the purer sources. It’s taken us to NZ for pure dairy, vanilla from Madagascar, and even acai from the Amazon.

But you don’t have to reach for the top shelf for every little thing. We’re real people that really care. We care that everything we make is as good for you as possible, that it tastes pretty awesome, and is affordable, so you can enjoy those small wins every day.

It’s all about making it easier for everybody to feel better. And that’s no crap.

In a world of judgement, your toughest critic is often you...

…and when it comes to food, you continually let yourself down. You can stop beating yourself up, because we’ve put a healthy dose of better in every recipe. Perfection doesn’t exist, and no food can completely transform you.

But you can think about what’s going to tip the scales in the right direction and make it easier to feel good about yourself. So even when you grab a yummy snack, you can give yourself an internal ‘hi 5’. And just like that, you’re so much better than you were yesterday.

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