Super Cubes Acquisition

Keytone is excited to announce the acquisition of the Health Halo brand, Super Cubes. Super Cubes is a premium Australian consumer lifestyle health and wellness brand – the first of its kind in the marketplace with the ethos “Life Fuel, No Fuss”.

Super Cubes has a strong core product range and a growing national distribution network, including national ranging in Woolworths, 400 independent supermarkets, and an increasing online presence with over 15,000 unique visits to the Super Cubes website per month.

Super Cubes products include all nourishing, all natural, frozen cubes of fruits, vegetables, plant-based protein and highly nutritious ingredients for a nutrient enriched smoothie across multiple product SKUs. There is a full pipeline of new product development, including the “permissible indulgence” range of Super Cubes smoothies, Super Tubes Icy Poles and Super Cubes Wholefoods Bars. These new products are being dispatched to stores throughout October 2019 and are expected to provide significant upside to the performance of the Super Cubes business moving forward.

Keytone is excited to welcome Ash McMillan, the founder of Super Cubes, and his team to the Keytone family. Ash has over 12 years’ experience in developing and significantly scaling proprietary product portfolios in the health and wellness sector to become leading brands in the Australian marketplace. Ash leads a team of senior sales and branded executives, who have driven Super Cubes product penetration nationally.