Secured Second and Adjacent Parcel of Land for New Manufacturing Facilities

Keytone Enterprises today signed an option for the acquisition of a second and adjacent parcel of land to the lot acquired in May 2017.

This land will allow for the construction of a third and future manufacturing site, future proofing the Keytone business from any potential capacity constraints in the short to medium term.

The land neighbours the land acquired earlier in May 2017 and has a size of 2,674 square meters. This additional, larger site will allow further expansion of Keytone’s production capacity as Keytone continues to grow, and will provide a full scope for Keytone to integrate its production facilities and to target additional markets and products, without being subject to capacity constraints, whilst also allowing for economies of scale. These facilities will be built to allow for the installation of infant formula production lines should Keytone elect to manufacture and sell infant formula in the future, subject to regulatory compliance at the time.

Keytone intends this plant will initially be used for new packing lines for jars and tubs, zip lock bags, tablets and capsules. Longer term utilisation will include dry and cold storage and packing lines for tins and butter pats