Scaling of distribution

Keytone Dairy are pleased to announce a number of significant new distribution channels in recent weeks, confirm the roll-out and product indent of a number of its new proprietary products nationally throughout Australia and in Malaysia, a new international market for Keytone.


  • Ranging has been secured in 250 Caltex/Ampol, 320 United Petroleum and 55 Freedom Fuels petrol stations for Tonik Pro across Australia, totalling an additional 625 outlets for Tonik Pro in the key petrol and convenience channel for protein shakes
  • Over the course of the last two weeks, Tonik Plant and Pro has been stocked and ranged in over 400 Coles and Coles Local stores nationally
  • Tonik Plant has been ranged in Malaysia at twenty Village Grocer outlets across Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. Village Grocer is a premium chain of supermarkets in Malaysia. Malaysia is a new international market for Keytone and the Company will look to introduce further proprietary products and brands into Malaysia in due course
  • On The Run has confirmed ranging of Super Cubes products and Gran’s Fudge across all of its 145 petrol and convenience stores in South Australia
  •  Under Keytone’s previously announced licensing agreement, Baileys non-alcoholic coffee flavoured milk drinks are now stocked in 683 BWS stores nationally (Woolworths Australian retail chain of liquor stores)
  • Keytone has partnered with national distributors Brackenbury Nutrition and Nutrition Systems for Tonik Pro and Plant. While initial orders have totalled an immaterial sales figure of approximately $100k for these key distributors, follow on-orders have been placed within a matter of weeks of the initial orders. These distributors represent key channels, including the gym chains of Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness, where the initial feedback and response to the Tonik range of products has been strong.
  • National ranging in independents supermarkets including Drakes, Romeos and Karellas continues across the Tonik, Super Cubes and Gran’s Fudge brands

Tonik Plant ranged in multiple Village Grocers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Keytone continues to aggressively build its higher value, higher margin proprietary products further diversifying the Company’s fast-growing revenue base and building brand awareness. This strategy and growth will continue into calendar year 2021 and beyond with further range reviews scheduled and occurring on a monthly basis. While initial purchase orders in new distribution channels are often immaterial in value, follow on orders across many channels have been received in a number of weeks highlighting the growing demand for the Company’s products.

Keytone’s CEO Danny Rotman stated, “Keytone’s proprietary products are on trend, on point and the demand is growing across Australia and internationally. The cut through and critical mass across multiple distribution channels, including grocery, independent grocery, petrol and convenience and gym channels is being achieved and the Company expects sales to continue to gather momentum and scale over the next 12 plus months.”

“A tremendous amount has been achieved in a small period of time for the proprietary product suite and the Company will continue to build out our range of branded products, working with key retailers, distributors and growing our footprint both in local markets and internationally .”