Launch of Keytone Dairy proprietary Junior Formula

Keytone Dairy brings to market its own KeyDairy®Junior Formula, further expanding the proprietary product range available for customers.

KeyDairy® Junior Formula is a premium dairy product for children aged three to seven years. The formula, as a supplement to a healthy diet, has been developed to meet the specific needs of this active and fast-growing age group including, immune system development, brain development, resistance to disease, increasing metabolism, red blood cell production, and improving bone density. KeyDairy® Junior Formula provides an essential daily dose of Vitamin A, B, C and D, in addition to calcium, iron and protein amongst other vitamins and minerals required for healthy child development.

In a number of countries, recommended daily vitamin intake (including that of vitamin A, vitamin B2and vitamin D) can be difficult to obtain from the available foods and given the prevailing environment. KeyDairy® Junior Formula has been formulated to include a significant portion of the recommended daily doses of these essential vitamins appropriate for this age bracket.

The product is designed for both the domestic and the export markets.