Launch of Keytone Dairy proprietary Diabetic Powder

Keytone Dairy brings to market its own KeyDairy®Diabetic Foumula, further expanding the proprietary product range available for customers.

KeyDairy® Diabetic Powder is a premium dairy powder formulated for consumers who have been medically diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is recognized as the world’s fastest growing chronic condition. The number of people globally with type 2 diabetes is growing in each country and the International Diabetes Federation (“IDF”) estimates in 2017 over 425 million globally were living with and managing diabetes on a day-to-day basis. US$727 billion was spent on health care related to diabetes accounting for 12% of total health care spend in 2017. The Western Pacific region (as defined by the IDF), incorporating China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, accounts for 33% of all adults living with diabetes globally. In 2017, China alone had more than 114 million people with diabetes and spent US$110 billion on diabetes-related healthcare.

The KeyDairy® Diabetic Powder has been specifically designed to assist diabetics with the day-to-day management of blood sugar and insulin levels as a supplement to prescribed medications. Additionally, the KeyDairy® Diabetic Powder provides a good source of essential daily vitamins and minerals to further support the specific daily needs of this consumer group.

The product is designed for both the domestic and the export markets.