Made from the finest New Zealand ingredients, KeyDairy are part of the Halo Food Co., supplying premium milk powders for all ages from children over three years to the elderly. The real creamy taste of our whole and skim milk powders are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients to support healthy bodies, digestive systems and strong bones.

Made in New Zealand from only the best ingredients, KeyDairy powders are available in two convenient sizes – a great staple to keep in your cupboard or for use every day.

Full Cream Milk Powder

KeyDairy Full Cream Milk Powder provides the real cream taste and is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients, for healthy bodies, digestive systems and strong bones.

Low Fat Milk Powder

KeyDairy Low Fat Milk is 99% fat free, is high in calcium and is great for digestive systems and strong bones.

Immunity Booster

A unique blend of predominantly Australian wholefood fruits and vegetables combined with lactoferrin and colostrum for immunity in easy to use 10g sachets.