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Building on the success of Keytone’s existing proprietary brand Tonik, Keytone has launched a new range of products, Tonik Energy.

Tonik Energy has been successfully and simultaneously launched in Australia and New Zealand and is currently produced in three flavours – Blood Orange, Green Apple and Tropical. The first production run has been completely pre-sold to Brackenbury Nutrition and Nutrition Systems who are reporting that the range has been well received by retailers and national gym chains. The first production run totalled approximately $100,000 in sales and the second run will be delivered to distributors in July 2021.

Brackenbury Nutrition and Nutrition Systems distribute to leading gyms and health stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, including, Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, F45, Plus Fitness, Jetts Fitness, Nutrition Warehouse, Supplement World and SuppsRus, among many others. The wide distribution of these partners in key target markets will continue the brand growth and trajectory of Tonik and each of its product ranges, being Tonik Pro, Tonik Plant and now Tonik Energy. 

Tonik is a healthy beverage partner for Australian, New Zealand and international consumers – the launch of Tonik Energy into a global USD53 billion energy drink market, expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% and reach USD86 billion by 20261, is a strategic choice to grow the Tonik brand in the fast growing and ready-to-drink healthy beverage market. 

“Tonik Energy is further planned expansion of the Tonik portfolio of better-for-you drinks and is highly complementary to our successful Tonik Pro and Tonik Plant ranges” stated CEO Danny Rotman. “Tonik Energy has received fantastic initial feedback and we expect the product to continue to grow as it becomes known in the market and gains further distribution. This is our first dual product launch in Australia and New Zealand which speaks to the growing strength of the brand and the capabilities of the Keytone sales team.”